First Visit with Patricia Mares ... Animated video of Trish's initial meeting with parents and 10 y/o client

First Visit "Script" by Patricia Mares ... Foundation principles shared with children and caregivers during first visit

CONTROL Parenting Overview ... Description of CONTROL parenting method by Patricia Mares to parents of 4 y/o client

Personal Power ... Overview by Trish Mares (7-minute clip of initial session with anxious and depressed 17 y/o client)

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Intrusive Thoughts ... Effective solution (by Dr. Martin Seif) to this common problem (6-minute clip and Dr. Seif website)

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Brief Therapy ... Key elements of solution-focused brief therapy (SFBT)

CONTROL ... Key elements of alternative parenting approach for unattached youth developed by Trish Mares 

99 Ways ... Helpful paperback for parents of RAD and ODD youth; contact Trish Mares for password to open files

Co-Parenting Framework ... Key elements of approach developed by New Ways for Families (NWF) 

Shared Parenting Plan Template ... Ohio Supreme Court publication for dissolution/divorce with minor children  

Consent Form ... Authorization to treat form completed by all Mares Cares clients during initial session

Release of Information ... Records request form for Mares Cares clients

Reactive Attachment Disorder (RAD) Information ... Trish Mares' primary area of expertise

Sleep Hygiene Information ... Helpful information provided by Dr. Jesudoss, a local sleep expert with Adena Regional Medical Center