Counseling Offices

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628 Commanche Road

Home Office

Single family home nestled within a quiet residential neighborhood next to Central Center and the Chillicothe County Club and near the Chillicothe Campus of Ohio University. This unique office space offers a warm, welcoming, home-like environment for children and families.


Full-time staff located at this location include Trish Mares and Sara Flowers. 

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376 Arch Street

Meeting House

This residential office serves primarily young adults (e.g., ages 13-24). It also functions as a venue for private events for non-profit organizations, businesses, and local residents.


Full-time staff located at this location include Leslie Hamman and Jennifer Foreman.

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382 Arch Street

The Brick

Former Gerber/Poe Nationwide Insurance building, across the street from the Chillicothe Intermediate School and Herrnstein Field/Bobo Track. This historic office space offers off-street parking and both individual and group meeting rooms. 

Full-time staff located this location include Alvin Mares, Tandy Cyrus, Jessica Warth, and Bill Beavers.

406 Arch St pic2.jpg

406 Arch Street

The Den

This residential office serves pre-school and school-aged youth. It is also where parenting education classes are held.


Full-time staff located at this location include Kim Roderick and Laura Crawford.