Cognitive Behavioral Therapy

Negative thinking is common during difficult times. Cognitive behavioral therapy is a method for replacing negative thoughts  with more positive thoughts.

Eye Movement Desensitization and Reprocessing (EMDR)

Eye movements or other forms of bilateral stimulation are used to assist in processing distressing memories and beliefs.  

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Personal Power

We each have the ability to control our own thoughts, feelings, and behaviors…but not those of others. By focusing on ourselves and what we are able to control, we become stronger and more aware of our own personal power.

Solution-Focused Brief Therapy (SFBT)

We use a brief, strengths-based approach called solution-focused brief therapy. Clients are viewed as the experts of their lives, capable of identifying both helpful and harmful ways of coping with difficult situations in the past.

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Specialized Techniques

Each of our counselors has developed strengthening techniques for various client groups. For example, Trish has developed the CONTROL parenting method for Reactive Attachment Disorder youth, and Alvin has developed the sharing-caring communication method for couples.

We offer outpatient substance abuse treatment for adults and adolescents. This includes assessment, counseling, referral, and testing. The cost of these services is generally affordable due to accepting most types of insurance. 

Substance Abuse Treatment

Alternative Dispute Resolution

The Supreme Court of Ohio Dispute Resolution Section provides training for judges, magistrates, attorneys, and helping professionals. Alvin has completed extensive training in both parenting coordination and mediation – including basic mediation and advanced family/divorce and child abuse and neglect mediation.

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