Our services include counseling, parenting, medicating and testing. Each is summarized below:


Counseling includes individual, couples, family and group psychotherapy for youth and adults.

Our counseling staff utilize various techniques, including the following: 

Developed by Patricia (Trish) Mares, M.Ed., LPCC-S

Developed by Alvin Mares, Ph.D., LISW-S

Developed by Others


Parenting services include classes, coordination and counseling. Our parenting classes are based on the Cooperative Parenting and Divorce curriculum published by Active Parenting Publishers ( Both 4-hour and 16-hour classes are offered.

Parenting coordination is a child-focused dispute resolution process ordered by a court of common pleas or division of the court to assist parties in implementing a shared parenting or companionship time order using assessment, education, case management, conflict management, coaching and/or decision-making.

Parenting issues and concerns are a common topic of discussion of all types of counseling described above.

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Our nurse practitioners offer psychiatric medication evaluation and management (E/M) services for youth and adults.


Our clinical psychologist conducts psychological testing for diagnostic and treatment planning purposes for youth and adults.

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